Who We Are?

The Kitchen Advisor is a team of energetic and enthusiastic food bloggers and collaborators with a unifying passion for great food and cooking. We’re committed to bringing you only the best and most accurate info on food and kitchen gear through our in-house reviews, interviews, blog posts, and editorials. You’ll also find food trivia, cooking hacks, and many, many beginner-friendly recipes here, as we constantly strive to infuse our readers with enough confidence to become a bit more experimental in their home kitchens.

About The Kitchen Advisor

Our Mission

Our mission is to create delicious and healthy recipes that inspire others to cook at home. We believe that home-cooked meals are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and we want to show others that cooking can be easy, fun, and rewarding. We’ll share our recipes, cooking tips, and stories on our blog and social media channels, and we’ll also collaborate with other food bloggers to create roundups of the best recipes, cooking tips, and products.

Another goal is to help home cooks feel confident in the kitchen and to show them that cooking can be an enjoyable experience. We’ll provide recipes that are easy to follow, and we’ll also offer tips and tricks for making the most of your ingredients and kitchen tools. We’ll also share stories about our own experiences cooking at home, and we’ll collaborate with other food bloggers to create roundups of the best recipes, cooking tips, and products.

Asma Sheikh in The Kitchen

Product Research, Ratings & Reviews

We have not personally tested, reviewed, or claim to have reviewed any items listed on the site’s pages. Our ratings and reviews are based on other people’s experiences with the products. We have gone through hundreds of customer reviews found on numerous online retailers such as Amazon, Macy’s, Sears, Overstock, and Bed Bath & Beyond to name a few. We gather information, sort it, and present summaries based on information found on their sites.

Meet The Team

Asma Sheikh

Asma Sheikh

Asma Sheikh is a home cook and recipe developer with a passion for all things food. On my blog (The Kitchen Advisor), you’ll find everything from healthy weeknight dinners to decadent desserts, and everything in between. So whether you’re a seasoned home cook or just getting started in the kitchen, I hope you’ll find something here that inspires you to get cooking!

Helen Harris

Helen Harris

Helen’s your eternally cheerful, next-door suburban mom that genuinely enjoys sharing with the whole neighborhood her latest fresh-from-the-oven culinary creations. She’s also a treasure trove of kitchen hacks and DIY advice if you have the patience to listen to her life story on repeat and the latest news on her son, Marv, and on how great he’s doing on the college football team. Fortunately, she agreed to leave her kitchen wisdom in writing as well when one of our editors with saintlike patience asked her to.

Amanda Wilks

Amanda Wilks

Amanda Wilks is a part-time writer and cooking enthusiast. It’s only recently that she discovered her passion for gastronomy, but since she did, not a single day passed without her cooking for her family and friends, who praise her creativity in the kitchen. If you want to learn more about Amanda, go on Twitter.

Contacting Us

You can contact us through the Contact Page. You can also mail us at business@thekitchenadvisor.com