7 Tips to Organize Your Freezer Like a Boss

Are you habitual of throwing things ruthlessly in your freezer? Thanks to hurry-here and hurry-there weekdays!

It’s too frustrating to dig through your freezer to find something that might have been lost with other stuff. Everybody hates those “ouch” moments when objects hurl out of your freezer and land on your toe especially when you don’t have time even to sneeze.

But you know organizing a freezer is easier than you think. Top of it, an organized freezer gives a goody-goody feeling, doesn’t it? Just stick with the following tips into practice every day.

How to Organize Freezer – Important Tips

Freeze only Freezable Items

Freeze only Freezable Items

People tend to freeze anything because they think freezing improves the freshness and taste of eatables. But that’s not true. Not all eatables survive the freezing process well. For instance: fruits and veggies with high moisturizing content like watermelon and lettuce, herbs, pasta, rice, sauces, baked dishes, frosting, dairy products, and fried foods taste well when kept out of the freezer.

Contrarily, food items like pancakes, waffles, nuts, berries, milk, stocks, meats, fish, chicken, chilies, and stews are the best freezable candidates. Having this information will help you best organize the limited space.

Choose Right Containers

Choose Right Containers

You can utilize the little shelving in the vast freezer by choosing the right container. Invest in organizers like plastic containers, wide-mouth mason jars, plastic bags, moisture-resistant aluminum foil, freezer paper for wrapping meat, fish, and poultry, etc. Try to buy clear containers for convenience. Stack containers on top of each other to optimize the space.

Repurpose Milk Containers

Don’t throw out milk containers. You can store your regular veggies like corn, chopped onions, and peas in these. Just pull the jar out and use it easily whenever needed.

Freeze Things in Usable Portion

Freeze Things in Usable Portion

Lazybones finds it tempting to throw the entire pack straight into the freezer. This shortcut feels pesky when you need only a few pieces, and the whole thing is frozen together in a mass.

Instead, freeze only usable portions in a separate container so that you can just pull out what and when you need the right amount.  Alternatively, you can freeze things separately and then consolidate them in one bag. This way the pieces won’t stick together.

Label Everything

Do you feel difficulty in identifying soup from the stew, and guessing what’s inside a container? Label everything, and you will never lose track of what and when you put the food in there. It’s easier with printable and editable labels. You can also mention the weight on the label that’s helpful when you go grocery shopping next time.

Dump the Boxes

Frozen foods always come in boxes. Get rid of these boxes and keep your food in plastic or glass containers.

Store Things Flat

Use gallon or quart-sized bags, fill them, remove the air, and lay it flat to utilize your freezer space to the fullest.

More Creative Ways to Freezer Organization

  • Binder clip food bags with slotted shelves to allow you more room.
  • Do you hate cleaning shelves? Try press-and-seal wrap to keep them clean.
  • Store the small items like ginger or nuts that you don’t use every day in the magnetized container.
  • Keep large items in reusable shopping bags to make it easy to pull contents out.
  • Freezers come with removable shelves and drawers. Remove them if required.

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