4 Eating Mistakes You are Making right now

Who does not want to look or be healthy? Being healthy is perhaps a gradual process of knowing what feeds your body. But, do you know just by following some nutrition myths, we are making mistakes that may affect our health? Here we have discussed some health mistakes that you should stop making now.

Breakfast cereals

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One of the common blunders that many of the people make is thinking that all breakfast cereals are healthy. They are produced by using high-temperature processes and are highly processed. Loaded with refined carbs and sugar, these processed foods are the major causes of childhood obesity and other diet-related diseases. Make sure you do not swap the wholesome Indian food with this junk as nothing can beat the nutrition provided by the traditional food. It is better to eat boiled eggs, green vegetables, and other healthy foods.


Do you think honey is the healthier sugar substitute in cooking? Again, you are wrong. Honey contains enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, minerals, and some amino acids, but these nutrients are only available when we consume in its raw state. Moreover, according to science, heating honey to 48 degree Celsius or above may have negative chemical changes, which further can affect our health in a wrong way. So, refined sugar is not good for health, honey (when not in raw state) is not good for health then what to eat? Well, you can have organic maple sugar or palm sugar as it is an unrefined sugar and is a great substitute for white sugar.

Egg yolks

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People often throw away the egg yolks as they think it is not useful. Do you also think like that and do the same? It is another biggest health mistakes that you are doing. Egg yolk contains various healthy nutrients and is rich in Vitamin A, D, E, K, and B12. Also, it contains riboflavin that brings down the cholesterol levels and lecithin, which is present in the egg that prevents cholesterol from getting absorbed within the digestive tract. Henceforth, make sure you consume that yellow part of the egg.

Fat free

We all know that fat causes obesity when consumed unwisely. So, people often switch to the products that are labeled as fat-free, low fat or zero fat. If you too follow this chain then again you are making the biggest health blunders as such foods contain refined carbs, artificial sweeteners, and refined vegetable oils, which tend to make you fatter. Our body needs energy, and it will only work properly if you provide it with enough fat. Not eating enough fat will have an adverse effect on the body. What you can do is to keep an eye on the amount of fat you intake, rather than opting fat-free products. You can also consume avocado, seeds, and olives to provide your body with enough fat.

It is always better to consume healthy food items like seasonal and natural foods instead of going for processed products. By avoiding these health mistakes, you will not only stay away from making biggest health blunders but you will make your life healthier.


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