10 Life Easing Secret Uses of Foil Paper

Always used a tinfoil sheet for just lining your baking trays and keeping your leftovers fresh? Well, it does not mean that it has been solely dedicated to your kitchen duty.

Aluminum foil is eventually known as the duct tape of the kitchen and is recyclable, super versatile, and useful as well. Apart from baking and keeping your food items fresh, this secret weapon can be used for many tasks such as cleaning, moving, sharpening of tools, and much more.

So, now stock up on this kitchen staple and have a look at these ten life easing secret uses of foil paper.

  1. Clean the Cooking Stove

All you need is to line the Stove with the foil with the dull side down.  And, then pull it smoothly without any heavy scraping and rubbing involved.

  1. Clean Grills, Pots, Oven, And Pans

If you have a hard time cleaning the greasy pots, grills, and pans with the sponges or steel wool, the aluminum foil is here to the rescue.

Crumble up some foil and use to remove the oil stuck into the utensils.

  1. Keep Your Baked Bread Warm After It’s Out From Oven

Tin foil tips

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Taking homemade bread on your next trip? Simply wrap the bread in the kitchen Roll and add some foil beneath it.

The foil will reflect the heat and will keep your baked bread warm for a longer duration.

  1. Soften the Brown Sugar

It is always not that easy to work with brown sugar as it gets clumpy after a while.

Now, preserve your brown sugar for a longer time with the aluminum foil. Wrap sugar in the foil and pop it into the oven at 300 Fahrenheit.

  1. Take Your Barbecue Party Up A Notch

Whenever hosting a barbecue, remember to use a sheet of foil to burn off the remaining food while the coals at hot.

And, you can also crumple the foil and use it to scrub the stuck and burnt food.

  1. Ace Perfection With The Crust Of Your Pie

Are you a baking buff? Well then, here is the good news!

Now you can easily prevent the crust of your pie from burning; All you need is to take your baking delicacy out over a little halfway during the baking time and cover the edge with foil.

      7. Sharpen the Kitchen Tools (Knife, Scissors, and other cutting Equipment)

Tin foil uses

Photo from http://www.wikihow.com/Sharpen-Scissors

Fold the sheet of tin foil into quarters to create four layers. And, cut through the foil with the tool to sharpen the blades.

  1. Give a Place to Ice Cream Cone Drips

Avoid the cold mess by just wrapping the bottom of the ice cream cone in silver foil.

  1. Crisp-up Your Vegetables

To keep your vegetables crisp and fresh, wrap it in the sheet of aluminum foil before your place it in the fridge.

  1. Lift Up the Utensils

Placing and lifting the hot utensils in a pressure cooker can be dangerous. You can use the tin foil as a lifting apparatus to get the contents out without harming yourself.

Apart from using the foil, take your cooking skills up a mark with these cool and ingenious kitchen gadgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is foil paper made out of?

Foil paper is made out of aluminum that has been molted and rolled into slabs in a rolling mill, which in turn gives them the desired thickness. In modern times, the rolling mill uses sensors that are monitored by a technician who oversees that the slabs have the right pressure applied and are molded to the right thickness. To avoid breakage because of the thinness, the foil is doubled in the cold rolling mill and the rolled to the desired thickness. The resulting paper foil provides complete protection against light, moisture, bacteria, and oxygen, making it a desirable item to have in your kitchen.

Can foil paper be used in the oven?

Aluminum foil paper can be safely used inside the oven without any negative side effects. Aluminum can be found all over in our environment and is even in our food, both naturally and through additives. With that being said, our bodies are well-equipped to handle low levels of it. However, acidic foods, certain spices, and high cooking temperatures have all been found to increase the likelihood of aluminum leaching onto the food we cook. Be cautious when using aluminum foil on such ingredients.

Is foil paper waterproof?

Yes, aluminum foil is waterproof, with the condition that it wraps what it needs to protect flawlessly. However, a high amount of water, and especially water at a higher pressure will probably manage to break through the foil. But for most intents and purposes, such as cooking or storage, foil paper is good for keeping water and bacteria away from food.

Can I line my grill with foil?

You should never align the bottom of your grill or oven with paper foil. Grease will collect and make it unusable in a very short time span.


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